How we work
How we work

About first Auto Care Concierge Service Company UAE

Having started as the very first Auto Care Concierge Service Company in the UAE, AUTOBNB has become recognized as an independent Professional Auto Assistance Service company that takes care of a customer’s vehicles on behalf of customers.

As customer’s inquiries have grown AUTO BnB has endeavoured to pursue and become “the UAE’s Most Reliable & Trusted Car Service Market Place” with its FOUR values:


Quality is our uncompromising top-listed value and the reason why AUTOBNB has been created. The quality work comes from our pre-qualified and pre-credentialed service provider network that we have carefully selected and vetted through our strict evaluation criteria.


Our service providers have to follow our strict audited Standard Operation Procedure ensuring that the procedures, scope of work and high level communication with our customers is fully met and thus providing consistently high level of quality work and services.


Top quality services do come with marginal premium pricing, we thus continuously monitor the pricing of our service providers for services rendered to our customers, in order to ensure that pricing is fair and competitive without compromising quality.


Given the confidence we have as Auto BnB in our service providers and the work they carry out, our team is ready to provide all the support for our customers in case there's any faults or problems reoccurred during warranty period that has been promised. This is what we are proud of and a critical reason why our customers keep coming back to us.

*Please note that terms and conditions apply. 

Our goal is to become part of our customer’s everyday life in the UAE and become the UAE’s Most Trusted & Reliable Car Service Marketplace. This we aim to achieve through our customer centric -focused service, expertise and professionalism.